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12th May 2013

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12th May 2013


Pre-Election Ramble

It’s less than 24 hours before the election begins. I know I should feel more fired up about this but I’m not. My dad and I don’t really vote so the election is usually just a holiday for the both of us. But just because I’m not one to vote doesn’t mean that I don’t have an opinion (I do have people I’d vote for if I did vote. I’m lazy, not uninformed) and most importantly it doesn’t mean I respect people less for voting.

I consider voting a right that everyone should be informed of. If people don’t vote or decide on who the leaders of their country are, then what would happen? I think this means that people have a lot of power in deciding who leads them. People need to be informed, and responsible about who they vote for.

Now I’m not going to be telling you who to vote for because that’s not how I roll. But voting isn’t to be taken lightly; just because you’re of age and can vote doesn’t mean you should do it flippantly, or be swayed by ads and jingles. People need to vote for the people they know are going to do good and instill change and progress in our country.

Look at the candidates you can choose from; don’t look at how flashy their streamers are, or how many parades they hold, who has the catchiest jingles or whatever. Don’t look at the smiles they display on the camera, or the amount of babies they kiss, or the amount of endorsements they get from celebrities. Don’t look at the money they dole out when they campaign or the rush-outreach programs they administer. Don’t look at their social status or how many houses, restaurants, or businesses they have. Don’t look at how many movies they’ve made or how many albums they’ve produced. Don’t look at the promises they sing, especially when they seem too over-reaching.

Look at the candidates in the privacy of their normal lives. Look at them during their daily activities. Look at how they treat people who work under them, how they treat people they’re supposed to serve. Look at them when they lose their temper. Look at them when they think no one is looking, when they show who they really are; not that mask they put on under public scrutiny. Look at how they treat their family, look at how they treat those who are less fortunate, look at them when they are in the company of those who are poor or uneducated (the ‘masa’ they promise to serve faithfully).

Please don’t let these people buy your votes; I think that statement says it enough already anyway. If they think your vote, your will, can be bought with a certain amount of money then what’s to say they don’t believe that money can buy their way into anything? Isn’t that already a sort of corruption anyway? Maybe I’m too idealistic (I’m always hearing statements like: “Everyone’s corrupt nowadays”, “Vote-buying is normal”, etc.) but even if it’s common occurrence, it SHOULDN’T be common occurrence. It may be normal to do in this day and age but it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing, or that it’s an honorable thing. It’s just not.

I think people who allow their vote to be bought are succumbing to a mild form of prostitution. They’re allowing their thoughts, morals and ideals to be swayed with a little money. A little satisfaction, and then it’s gone and they wake up in the morning with the bad decision they made. Does that make sense? Maybe it doesn’t and maybe I’ve rambled on too much anyway.

I know this didn’t come out as eloquently as I hoped it would but I felt like I needed to put this out there anyway. Good luck for the candidates of the election tomorrow and God bless to those who will be casting their votes tomorrow. I hope they do it responsibly with the future of their country in mind. :)

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28th March 2013

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26th January 2013

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Oh. My. God.

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26th January 2013

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All these colors were achieved with red, yellow, blue, and green food coloring mixed into white frosting. The amount of drops needed for the color you want is underneath the icing color. So convenient. :)

I love Mint Chip = 3 blue, 3 green

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26th January 2013

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26th January 2013

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The colours of the world are changing day by day

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26th January 2013

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the abc’s of james mcavoy  → mcfassy (michael fassbender + james mcavoy)

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26th January 2013

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the abc’s of james mcavoy  → hair (quality hair porn)

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24th January 2013

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when the beating of your heart, 
echoes the beating of the drums, 
there is a life about to start, 
when tomorrow comes!

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